Chatbots used to sue Equifax for up to 25k

If you haven’t heard yet, Equifax, one of the big three companies that you’d use to get your credit score, had a monster data breach which basically made 143 million american’s credit reports and information available. This was an intentional, and malicious hack of their data. But cyber security professionals 2 months prior to it happening warned the company of the vulnerabilities in their network.

In the past, those affected by a breach of this type would need to seek out an attorney to take them through the process of recovering damages. The legal fees incurred during the process could outrun your settlement dollars. Most people affected by breaches of this type never follow through with their legal claims nor see the remedy they are due.

Fortunately, a clever group has crafted a new way for you to recover damages if you’ve been harmed by the Equifax breach. You could leverage this chatbot to sue the company in small claims court, without an attorney. You can start the process here. The amount you could be eligible to receive depends on your state, but ranges from $2500 up to $25,000. Not bad!

As a company, we are bullish on the ability of technology to replace a lot of the time consuming (and costly) work that is not even profitable for attorneys. This is one area of particular interest, and has been classified Justice-as-a-Service (JaaS, if you will). The Equifax chatbot is one of many examples in which the use of technology can disrupt the norm and make justice available to the masses. Hooray chatbots!

Note: You will still need to send in the forms yourself and show up to small claims court. But it will save you from having to pay an attorney to do a lot of the initial work for you.