Welcome Christie Guimond, Dean Khialani, and Dennis Kennedy to the team! Introducing the FoundationLab Advisory Board.

Redesign the ways in which legal services are delivered and consumed by lawyers and non-lawyers alike. That is the mission behind FoundationLab. In this quest, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with law firms, in-house teams, and legal innovators to bring digital products to the legal market. With an emphasis on true productization, our team believes in the need for products that deliver more than just information – but deliver an exceptional experience.

We have found others in the industry who believe in our mission, and are actively pursuing opportunities to productize legal services. Today, we’re proud to announce three of those people are joining the FoundationLab team as advisory board members: Christie Guimond, Dean Khialani, and Dennis Kennedy. We’ve had the pleasure of getting know them over the past few years, and jumped at the opportunity to bring them into our work in more formal roles.

Each bring a unique perspective to FoundationLab. Dennis’ experience as an in-house lawyer, legal technology and innovation thought leader, and his endless curiosity push us to explore new and different ideas, with an understanding of how they fit into the larger picture and the ways in which lawyers work. Dennis is also a collaborator on a new offering, FoundationLab Legal Design Sprints. And last week, he hosted a webinar on the productization of legal services based on an article he wrote for the ABA in 2014.

Christie’s exploration of and exposure to market demands, especially in the tech-forward UK legal market, ensures the work we are doing is innovative and unique. Her insights have already shaped how we think about the future of FoundationLab and how we can best add value in a market that is rapidly embracing technology and innovation. Her new venture, “She Breaks the Law,” is an initiative we are wholeheartedly behind, as she seeks female legal innovators who share a similar vision to our own.

With technology as the backbone of our business, Dean’s deep technical experience coupled with his impressive business acumen and measured approach greatly influences how we evolve the ways in which we build products to ensure we craft solutions that scale. And his cross disciplinary approach gives us a wider lens through which to view productization opportunities in the legal industry.

We’re incredibly excited and fortunate to have such a rich group of advisors. Here’s what they had to say about joining the FoundationLab team:

“I have known FoundationLab for a few years and have watched from afar as they evolved into an expert team of legal product developers. I have long believed in the value of productising legal services and the industry, too, is beginning to embrace and capitalise on this concept.  I believe that FoundationLab have a strong team, and a strong ethos that will enable them to maximise the opportunities posed by this trend, and I am absolutely delighted to be working with them at this critical juncture.” – Christie Guimond

“I’m delighted to be joining FoundationLab as an advisor. The team at FoundationLab has developed a sound strategy for product development and recruited a group of talented individuals to execute on the same. With a focus on the shared challenges faced by law firms and their clients alike, FoundationLab is well positioned to help shape the delivery and consumption of legal services across the entire client engagement lifecycle.” – Dean Khialani

“In the current world of rapid change across the legal industry, client-focused initiatives for improving processes, creating mobile apps, and productizing services differentiate the leaders from the followers and might well be the key to survival for firms and other legal organizations. I’m so impressed with what FoundationLab is already doing and the opportunities in front of them. As a professor in the LegalRnD program at Michigan State University’s College of Law, it’s exciting to see theoretical concepts being turned into practical reality. As a longtime commenter on legal technology and legal innovation, I’m excited to be associated with a company opening the doors to the future.” – Dennis Kennedy

As innovation and technology become more pervasive in the legal space, we recognize that new entrants will emerge. We embrace this challenge as a business, and as legal innovation evangelists, encourage it. Our team of talented engineers, product managers and designers – with the support of our incredible advisors – is well positioned to continue building award-winning digital products for our clients. We look forward to more collaboration opportunities with market-leading law firms and in-house departments, as we work to truly productize legal services and move the industry forward.

More about our Advisory Board Members:

About Christie Guimond

Christie Guimond is an experienced strategy and innovation manager at Bird & Bird LLP, who has worked at the forefront of disruption in the legal industry for over a decade. She describes herself as a “project manager by trade” and has a Masters (with Distinction) in Project Management from Newcastle Business School. Her first foray into the world of legal innovation came in 2011 when she developed and managed one of the first legal project management capabilities in the London market.

People-driven change, organisational strategy and innovation are her passion and she subsequently moved on from legal project management into more strategic and innovation roles.  She has had the opportunity to work on numerous innovation initiatives – including developing and implementing new legal services and technology-driven client solutions. Christie also spends significant time monitoring the changing legal landscape and advising senior executives in her own firm, as well as clients, on how to respond to these changes to the business of law. She also works closely with several legal technology start-ups, advising them on areas including strategy and funding. Christie has been published in several books, including: (1) Strategic Innovation as an Emerging Firm Function: Innovating Strategically; (2) New Directions in Legal Services: Implementing and Sustaining Change; and (3) Career Development for Women Lawyers.

Christie is also the co-Founder of “She Breaks the Law”, a network for female leaders of innovation within the legal industry. She Breaks the Law provides a platform for women in leadership to build their strategic networks by connecting with like-minded women, to widen their opportunities to develop themselves and others, to share experiences and to create new ideas with other innovative women from all over the world.

About Dean Khialani

Refusing to be constrained by the stereotypical label of CTO, Dean brings a unique approach to leveraging technology towards business value and entrepreneurship. His expertise ranges from a strong foundation in computer science to experience as a technology executive in diverse industries including education, healthcare, finance, and legal services. A staunch advocate of using technology to spearhead innovation, he was instrumental in the launching of information systems that streamlined matter management and litigation financing for one of the premier innovators of legal services in the U.S. southeast. Dean currently serves as CTO at Nextlaw Labs, a subsidiary of Dentons, where he is responsible for overseeing the development and expansion of all of the company’s legal technology products and spearheads technology due diligence during investment considerations.

A disruptive thinker by nature, Dean’s modus operandi continues to be – “You don’t have to think outside the box if you’re not in it!”

About Dennis Kennedy

Dennis Kennedy is an information technology lawyer and legal technology author well-known for promoting innovation and the use of technology in the practice of law.  He currently focuses on legal technology, innovation, speaking, writing, and coaching and is an adjunct professor in the LegalRnD program at Michigan State University College of Law. Dennis is a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management and recently finished a term of three years as chair of the board of the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center.  Dennis retired as Senior Counsel for the Digital Payments & Labs group at Mastercard in 2017.

Dennis wrote the legal technology column for the ABA Journal for many years, and has co-authored several books including “The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies (2nd edition, 2018) with Tom Mighell.  He co-hosts The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast on the Legal Talk Network, and has written his blog, DennisKennedy.Blog, since 2003.

On Twitter, Dennis may be found at @denniskennedy and was one of the early lawyer users of Twitter and other social media. LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/dennismkennedy.