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We are a full stack growth engine for your most daring ideas.

The Launch Lifecycle

1. Ideation
2. Validation
3. Creation
4. Implementation
5. Adoption

If you’re in need of a spark or wish to take your idea to the next level, we’re here to help. Through workshops and consulting services we will work with you or your organization to sprout more 10x opportunities to become exponential and boost your ability to deliver legal value to your clients.

Boosting your ideas.

There are no bad ideas, only ideas that have not fully matured. As you work through the validation cycle, your idea will shift and expand with each new data point. However, there are ways to improve your starting point before moving into validation.

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Creating new products and services without properly validating the opportunity is a risky venture. Work with us to leverage experiments to build evidence that your wildest ideas are legitimate exponential opportunities. Through this process, we’ll continuously test, reshape and reframe your thinking.

Our validation cycle offering is a three phase process designed to test your ideas to truly understand whether this idea should be pursued further, or requires a shift in thinking. We work through a planning, experimenting and reflection process with a goal of answering three core questions: (1) Do clients want this product or service? (2) Can we build it? and (3) Will clients pay for this?

The Validation Journey

If you believe this service could benefit you or your organization, please sign up for a consultation with our team.


Once you have validated your idea, there are a number of ways to create the first version of it. It’s important to recognize this distinction. Unlike physical products, services and digital products are ripe for constant improvement. Work with our team to develop the first version of your exponential product or service, or the next version of an exponential product or service you’ve already launched.

The Creation Lifecycle

Where the existing tools don’t cut it, you can create from scratch. Launching digital products can be a significant competitive advantage, and create the opportunity to distance yourself from your peers. We look for really compelling opportunities to deliver legal value at scale for custom product design engagements.

Where an idea has the opportunity to greatly improve a specific way of delivering legal value, it likely makes more sense to configure an existing legal technology, rather than build from scratch. There are dozens of existing tools which can be used to create dramatic efficiencies and scale exponentially.

Redesign an existing legal service or create a brand new legal service that has been properly optimized for efficiency. Here you will leverage process improvement and exponential business models to deliver a unique, compelling service to your clients at a greater scale than ever before.

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Launching new products and services is scary. Trust us, we’ve been through quite a few launches. It helps to start small. Let us assist your team in setting up the proper pilot group with which to roll out your exponential product or service, and guide you through the process of gathering actionable feedback before wider adoptions begins.

Our Three-Phased Approach

We take a three-phased approach to implementation to ensure launches go smoothly, and provide the opportunity to learn from real clients of the product or service to enable tweaks and changes pre-adoption.

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New products and services can be jarring for first time consumers. Having an adoption plan and executing can greatly enhance the comfortability of your clients with your new exponential product or service. We take a three-pronged approach to systematically grow adoption and engagement over time.

The Adoption Formula

Firm Wide Enablement

A continuous program of learning and development, firm-wide enablement includes:

  • Pre-scheduled training sessions where participants are exposed to a technology and taught basic skills.

  • Online learning center where individuals can access resources and instructional content on-demand.

  • One-on-one learning and development sessions upon request.

Matter-centered Coaching

A key differentiator for our adoption capability, matter-centered coaching involves just-in-time guidance that is provided within the subjective context of an actual matter.

We have developed a framework for every matter where an exponential product or service is being leveraged.

Phase 1: Infuse and Empower

Phase 2: Support and Incubate

Phase 3: Wrap Up and Share Learnings

Continuous Support

Having gone through the proactive steps of enablement and coaching, individuals can subsequently avail of continuous support as they routinely leverage the exponential product or service within their legal work.

This support is available on-demand via an online servicing platform and a dedicated hotline.


If you believe this service could benefit you or your organization, please sign up for a consultation with our team.

Costa Ragas
Partner, Fasken
"Lawyers traditionally think of time as a store of value. But for the Exponential Lawyer, value transcends time. The FoundationLab team has been the only team I’ve ever worked with that understands the opportunity this presents for both lawyers and their clients."

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