A collaborative product team.

Our team focuses on the productization of legal services. We have partnered with law firms, legal departments, and legal innovators who trust us to execute on their knowledge and experience.

As the product team on projects, we contribute a combination of product strategy, UX strategy, UX/UI design, and agile development capabilities to bring top end digital products to the legal industry.

Design for human beings.
Obsessively test and iterate.
Believe in your own agency.

Flexible Teams

Designing and building digital products is an iterative, agile process. We rely on a flexible teams model to ensure we have the right people working together to move the product forward. Through our experience working as a team, and stringent design and development processes, we are able to move from idea to product with predictability, in an unpredictable environment.

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Product Strategist-Manager
Product Strategist/Manager

Responsible for understanding the problem we are solving, and working with the design and development teams to craft a solution and drive it forward.

UI-UX Designer
UI/UX Designer

The designer’s skill set is to turn abstract concepts into tangible assets for usability testing and a guide for building the product.

Software Engineers
Software Engineers

Our engineers work in small, agile teams to architect the solution, and collaborate with the product manager through development and launch.

QA Engineer
QA Engineer

Users hate bugs. Through manual and automation testing, the QA engineer ensures the team ships a product that functions as intended.

How We Work


We rely on human-centered design to craft products that deliver an intuitive user experience to an industry that is unintuitive to many. Through UX strategy, UX/UI Design, prototyping and testing, we are able to move from problem understanding, to viable solution in just a few weeks.


Our team of software engineers work together to deliver digital products that scale. We build from the ground up, but leverage existing tools where we can to save time - without sacrificing user experience.

Launch + Learn

Launch + Learn

The work does not stop after launch. We continue to seek areas where we can enhance the user experience of existing features, and discover new features that can be built to better solve the problem.